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About company

Limited Liability Company "TORGINDUSTRIYA" was established in 2009 for the purpose of centralized meeting of demands of the enterprises specializing in drilling, well servicing and workover in Ukraine and CIS countries.

Qualified and experienced employees of our company guarantee the optimal conditions for cooperation: fast order processing, reasonable prices, flexible payment methods, fast delivery to the warehouse, information and advisory support.

Ultimate responsibility for work, promptness and high reliability of the delivered products, good value and quality of services, complete approach in cooperation with business partners of the company gained a deserved authority among both manufacturers and consumers of these products.

The company entered into exclusive dealer relationships with many manufacturers of oil and gas equipment in Russia and China, the products of which it represents. The range of products supplied is quite wide, including a complete list of key parts, spare parts and consumables used in drilling.

An important branch of activities of the company, together with maintenance service, is an overhaul of drilling equipment. This is especially true nowadays, since the financial crisis is still not overcome, and the enterprises have not sufficient funds for re-equipment.

Quality guaranteed by:

→ A highly professional level of work performed, constantly evaluated by well-balanced quantitative performance indicators, which enjoy complete trust of our customers;

→ Improving and increasing the level of services provided through the development of long-term cooperation programs.

Our experts carry out disassembly, assembly, troubleshooting, maintenance and overhaul of equipment:

  • Ram and annular bops, crosses, spools, BOP stands, kill and choke manifolds, gas separators, flow lines of manifold, gate valves, chokes;
  • Travelling hook-blocks and crown-blocks;
  • Drilling manifold;
  • Swivels;
  • Rotors;
  • Torque wrenches;
  • Prop shafts of draw work;
  • Change gearboxes of drilling unit;
  • Crank mechanisms of mud pump;
  • Fluidents of mud pumps;
  • Hydraulic torque converter;
  • Safety valves of mud pump;
  • Quick-release valves of airflex type clutch;
  • Connecting shafts;
  • Chain reducing gear and chain drives;


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