“TORGINDUSTRIYA” became the official representative of “TransKom” in Ukraine

Cooperation Ltd. “TORGINDUSTRIYA” specializing in supplying equipment to enterprises whose main activity are drilling, repair wells with well-known Russian company “TransKom”, since 2006 the market-leading integrated supply general industrial, oil and gas, blowout and drilling equipment, has received the logical continuation.

Today “TORGINDUSTRIYA” is the official representative of “TransKom” on the territory of Ukraine.

Accumulated potential serious production base allows the company “Transcom” not only supply customers all kinds of drilling, oil and gas, or industrial equipment, but if necessary, as soon as possible to carry out repairs of any complexity.

The warranty on repaired equipment is 1 year. Due to high quality and timely service partners are such industrial giants as “Gazprom”, “Rosneft”, the other major companies in the Russian Federation. Treaty on the representation of the interests of LLC “TransmKom” is a recognition of Ukrainian company “TORGINDUSTRIYA” worthy and reliable partner.